During Consumer Credit Counseling, a Debt Analyst will negotiate lower monthly payments. Clients enrolled in this program will make an affordable monthly payment to an account that is supervised by your TFC Debt Analysis Specialist. Setting up this plan and financially enabling it is an obligation of the debt collection agency pursuing you, and is not the financial responsibility of you as an individual.


At TFC, we educate our clients about the ethical practices of those in the Debt Solutions Industry. Here are some basic questions you as a potential client should be asking about:


  • What services are offered, and do any apply to me?
  • Is the information free?
  • You should never pay for a service service before they tell you whether you’re even a candidate to receive its benefits.
  • Avoid companies that require an abundance of information prior to offering any pertinent solutions, insights, or general knowledge regarding your personal situation. 
  • How the program work? make sure you understand its intricacies. Ask if you do not know.
  • What happens if you miss a payment? 
  • What happens if you miss a payment and cannot afford the next one?
  • How might you avoid a financial disturbance before you encounter it?
  • Always ask for a contract.
  • Did you ask whether your specialist is certified?

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