Adrian Katke

CEO - Financial Advisor-Debt Specialist

Adrian is an accomplished real estate investor raised by an affluent entrepreneurial father. When Adrian was barely twenty-three, a moving vehicle struck him while he was crossing the street. The hospital bills following his accident grew into an overwhelming burden he wished would just vanish. He continuously postponed the debt, until it became so unmanageable, even a second job supplementing his income still wasn't enough. Fortunately for Adrian, a friend heard about his situation and guided him towards the debt solution industry for relief. After resolving his own debt through a system set up for profit, Adrian felt compelled to assist others in similar situations as his, but with a slightly different approach. He wanted the process and outcome of debt solutions to focus on the client's relief and credit redemption rather than a monetary motivation for personal gain.

With the goal to offer people a second chance trough a unique program designed with client as a priority. Adrian founded The Financial Corp. Debt Solutions. His unique debt management program offers reconciliation of poor credit with additional benefits, like redirecting debt collectors through a telecom service that gets hassle away from you and your private life. TFC also offers a financial planning application that clients can utilize even after the client graduates! 

Fernando Cantini

Debt Specialist - Communications Manager

With only 28 years, Fernando came a long way in a short period of time. Originally from Torino, Italy - Fer spent three years at NYU as a film major while interning for EMI - Capitol Records, a multibillion Dolar company based in London, UK. After transfering to Chapman University and earning a Bachelor of Arts in Communication in 2012, Fer came to TFC to assist in translations for those clients speaking Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. Fer's communications skills made him a powerful negotiator and his diverse language abilities allow him to connect with clients whom otherwise would be lost within the barriers of translation.

Harrison Smith

Debt Specialist 

Harrison is relatively new to the debt solutions industry, but his enthusiasm and communication skills more than make up for his recent immersion into the debt reconciliation. Coming from a small town in the suburbs of Minneapolis, he made it into UC San Diego as a Finance major. Harrison is one of the Top performers of the company with a settlement average of 29 cents on the dollar.

Alicia Lazzaro 

Debt Specialist 

Alicia joined the debt collection agency at The Lending Tree in 2004 after graduating from University of Toledo with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. Alicia assisted consumers in debt consolidation through Home equity Lines until her husband fell bankrupt in 2008, which left little or no options to finance her children's future college education. After searching for a better solution, Alicia joined TFC in 2009 as a debt settlement specialist after she graduated the program herself. Her vast knowledge of debt collection allows her to real the faults with other companies that TFC's debt settlement program not only compensates for, but also relieves. Alicia is passionate about assisting her clients to reach a lifestyle free of debt though the same program that helped her.


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